XamFlow Worker Service Installation Guide

This installation guide describes the process to install XamFlow Worker Service on a computer running Microsoft Windows. XamFlow Worker Service is a Windows Service that is automatically started on operating system startup and is responsible for processing jobs. For a distributed processing scenario, it can be installed on multiple nodes.


This guide assumes that XamFlow Server has already been installed.




  • Install the service by running the setup file.

  • Run the following commands as administrator in the chosen installation folder to configure the service:

    sc pause XamFlowWorkerService

    Lucid.XamFlow.WorkerService.exe /config-url {url}

    (Use the domain name of the machine running XamFlow Server. Example url: https://xf-server:44303)

    Lucid.XamFlow.WorkerService.exe /config-username {username}

    Lucid.XamFlow.WorkerService.exe /config-password {password}

    (Use the credentials of the user you created in SWAP WebAdmin.)

    sc continue XamFlowWorkerService

  • The service appears in the Windows Services dialog as XamFlow Worker Service.

Dependency Packages

For each applicable dependency package:

  • Install the applications, libraries or hardware items of the dependency on the XamFlow Worker Service node.

    Check the description property in the file metadata.json for instructions

  • Run one of the following commands to install any licenses required by such applications:

    Lucid.XamFlow.WorkerService.exe /import-license {LicenseFilename}

    Lucid.XamFlow.WorkerService.exe /import-scanco-license {LicenseFilename}

  • Run the following command:

    Lucid.XamFlow.WorkerService.exe /add-dependency {DependencyPackageFilename}


In case of problems, please see the log file in folder


(Note: You may have to tell Windows that you want to access folder %SystemRoot%\ServiceProfiles first.)