Lucid CLIP

A set of high-performance image processing utilities that can be used in a task type. Highly efficient algorithm implementations that support large datasets and parallelized execution on workstations and supercomputers.


Workflows are stored in a central PostgreSQL database. Only bulk data like images and other large files are stored on FSS instead.

Lucid DRain

A set of high-performance image compression tools that can be used in a task type.

Follower Task

A task that follows another task, and uses the output of that previous task as its input.

File Storage Service

The bulk storage system for images and other large files.

Hero 6
Lucid Hero 6

A set of high-performance image visualization tools that can be used in a task type.

Interactive Task

A task that requires a user to interactively perform some action, e.g. a decision or user input.


The Image Processing Language tool used by Scanco.


Created for each task in each run. For example for each image 1, 2, 3 that needs to be processed by tasks A, B, C, a separate job A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3, C1, C2, C3 is created.

Lucid LUPO

A image processing utility that can be used in a task type.


A general image file format.

Dependency Package
Workflow Package
Task Type Package

A file for exchanging workflows, task types, or task type dependencies.

Processing Task

A task that is automatically executed once all required inputs are available.


A set of jobs created for each source task.


A set of output parameters created by a specific task in a workflow.

XF Server
XamFlow Server

The backend for storing workflows in a database. The XamFlow system requires one central server.


The protocol for accessing a Scanco database system.

Source Task

An interactive task that starts a new run. For example selecting a new image to be processed in the workflow.


The Scanco Windows database system.


A specific step in a workflow.

Task Type

An abstract template for a specific task. For example a Python script can be provided as a task type. A task type can be used to create specific (configured and connected) tasks in a workflow.

User Data

The FSS allows mapping of local folders to make them available in XamFlow. These local user data folders can contain files in any foreign file format. See Import external data

Volume Of Interest

A specific sub-region in an image.

XF Worker
XamFlow Worker Service

A service that executes processing tasks. The XamFlow system supports multiple workers.


A graph of tasks.


The XamFlow workflow system.

XF Desktop
XamFlow Desktop

The client user interface for working with a remote server.

XF Workstation
XamFlow Workstation

The simple all-in-one single-user system that includes the server, XF Desktop, database, FSS, and one local worker. For multi-user systems XF Server should be used instead.