What is XamFlow?

  • A system for the handling of full image analysis workflows.

  • A platform for basically any kind of image processing software.

  • A scalable client-server system with a central database.

  • Suitable for both small and large studies.

  • Available on Windows, and processing also on Linux.

  • It is designed to work with any image modalities and formats.

What are workflows?

  • Workflows are graphs of interactive tasks and automatic processing tasks.

  • They can be applied to an arbitrary number of images or other objects.

  • Interactive tasks are user-friendly for manual steps that need to be performed. For example:

    • Selecting a volume-of-interest in an image.

    • Drawing a contour.

    • Approving a result.

  • Processing tasks can use and mix any image processing libraries. For example:

    • NumPy

    • SciPy

    • ITK

    • OpenCV

    • TensorFlow

    • R

    • MATLAB

    • ImageJ

    • CUDA

    • Custom scripts or compiled code in any language

  • Processing tasks can be executed in parallel, distributing the workload on multiple nodes.

  • Workflow results can be viewed and analyzed directly or exported to external systems.

  • All parameters and results are retained for traceability purposes and easily accessible.