Table Report

Table reports allow creating a table and exporting the data as a CSV file.

Each workflow run is represented as one row in the table. Columns can be added to the table by selecting an input or output parameter. The column names can be changed by renaming the parameters in the workflow editor.

The Table report task type (XF.Reporting.Table) can also be added to the workflow itself. This allows further processing the CSV file.


Table Report


Statistics can be calculated using task types like Lucid.Statistics.TTestIndependent.

Specific sequences of parameter values to be tested can be selected using XF.Data.SelectSequence and XF.Data.AddSequence.


Statistics Task Types

Instead of selecting sequences it is often more convenient to use a Table Report to create a CSV file. The table of parameters can be combined with metadata columns. The metadata columns can be used for grouping and filtering the rows in the table before the statistical analysis.