Reduce Task Types

A task can also collect information from any number of existing jobs / runs. This is usually useful for reporting purposes.

(Also consider using interactive reports in XF Desktop.)

Access data via CSV tables

A workflow can contain more than one source task. For example XF.Reporting.Table can be useful as a secondary source task to trigger report runs on demand. It allows selecting parameters as the columns of a table that is then exported as a CSV table output parameter.

See e.g. Creating plots in a task type for how to use such a table to generate plots.

Access runs dynamically

A processing task type can also gather and process arbitrary workflow data dynamically.

For example xfworkerutil.get_xf_jobs_in_workflow() can be used to load all existing jobs in a workflow.

See for example Lucid.mSEM.ReduceCombine in Case Study: Nanowire Analysis with INAM, Forchheim.