Case Study: Vertebrae Analysis with Purdue University

In collaboration with the Purdue Musculoskeletal Biology and Mechanics Lab we used XamFlow to fully automatically segment fourth lumbar vertebrae (L4) and perform vertebral cortical and cancellous bone analyses.

“A fantastic tool. Once a single workflow is established you just plug image files in and can quickly recreate results without a ton of human interaction. A real advantage with high throughput and lots of samples.” – Dr. Russell Main, Biomedical Engineering


  • Multiple samples of vertebrae measured with PerkinElmer Quantum GX

  • 256 MB per image

  • 82 images


We used multiple workflows to segment and evaluate the data in stages:

  • Fully automatic segmentation of L4

  • Create masks of regions to evaluate

  • Calibration with phantom images

  • Evaluate BMD and thickness

  • Statistical analysis and plotting


  • Xu X, Yang H, Bullock WA, et al. Osteocyte Estrogen Receptor β (Ot-ERβ) Regulates Bone Turnover and Skeletal Adaptive Response to Mechanical Loading Differently in Male and Female Growing and Adult Mice. J Bone Miner Res. 2023;38(1):186-197.