XamFlow Workstation Installation Guide

This installation guide describes the process to install XamFlow Workstation on a computer running Microsoft Windows. Furthermore it contains some additional important information concerning the application and its usage.


Visual C++ Runtimes


  1. Start the installation by opening the setup file.

  2. If any prerequisites are not installed the setup detects that and lets you download and install them.

  3. Choose where to install the application.

  4. Start the actual installation.

  5. Confirm the UAC dialog that may popup and ask for your permission to install the application.

First application start

When you start the application for the first time a couple of things need to be configured:

License configuration

A license dialog may appear that requires you to import the license file that was provided to you together with the setup file.

  1. Start the application.

  2. If the License Required dialog appears, click on Import License.

  3. Browse to the license file, select it and click Open.

Database creation

XamFlow Workstation uses its own private PostgreSQL database. That database instance needs to be created on the first application start:

  1. If the Create New Database? dialog appears, click on OK.

  2. The Services workspace opens and shows the database creation steps in the Database Service status column.

Certificate creation and binding

XamFlow Workstation starts two web services Web API Service and File Storage Service to provide HTTPS network access to the database and to files. For that HTTPS interface, a SSL server certificate needs to be bound to the ports of these two services. If you don’t have a server certificate, XamFlow Workstation allows you to create a new one. Furthermore, the current Windows user account must be given permission to start these two web services by reserving URL access.

If something of the above is missing, the Certificates workspace will open and list the missing items.

To bind an existing certificate:

  1. Select the existing certificte in the dropdown

  2. Click the Bind Certificate button

  3. Confirm the UAC dialog

To create and bind a new certificate:

  1. Click the Create Certificate button

  2. Confirm the confirmation dialog

  3. Provide a subject name for the root certificate

  4. Provide a subject name for the server certificate

  5. Confirm the UAC dialog

To reserve URL access:

  1. Click the Reserve URL Access button

  2. Confirm the confirmation dialog

  3. Confirm the UAC dialog

If all missing items have been resolved, close the Certificates workspace.

Note: All of these operations require elevated Administrator permissions and trigger an UAC dialog.

See the Certificates Guide for more details.

Starting Services

  • Go back to the Services workspace

  • Start all remaining services from top to bottom by clicking on the respective start button

  • Close the Services workspace

From now on, these services will be started automatically on each start of XamFlow Workstation.


In case of problems, please see the log files in folder